Namaqua Flower Festival

Join in at the Namaqualand Flower Festival for a wholesome weekend filled with dancing, singing, trail exploring and an unbelievable vibe

Experience a life of camping, dancing in the moonlight, singing to your heart’s content and losing yourself under the stars. You’ll laugh ’til it hurts, go on beautiful bush walks, learn traditional dances and explore the depths of culture and nature.

This will be the festival's 12th year running. Yes, 12 epic years of frolicking in the flowers.

The Namaqualand Flower Festival is grounded in adventure, flowers, a love for the outdoors, an epic trail run and like-minded people keen to have a great time. You’ll gain insight into traditional dance, bushman paintings, botany, bees, conservation, foraging.

Connect with an epic community of nature lovers, trail runners and like-minded people who thrive on fresh air and incredible music.